Monday, September 4, 2017

QMobile Not Filling Charging in Mobile - Qmobile Solutions

Video on how to solve charing problem in QMobile.

QMobile which is indicating charging but not filling charging in the phone. That is not a big deal, may be near charging jack your diode got broken or the connection which gives voltage to circuit broke the connection, why this happen written below. Learn how to solve QMobile Charging not filling in Qmobile Handset.

Early Steps to Solve QMobile not Charging:

  • Turn off your Mobile and Open it using screw driver.
  • Carefully take out your circuit.
  • Connect your Charger usually of 5v output.
  • QMobile Charging Problem

Repairing Steps of QMobile Charging Problem:

  1. Set your multi-meter to 10 volt.
    setting to 10v we get every single current signal under 10v.
  2. Connect Positive (+) wire of multi-meter to circuit on charging jack.
  3. Similarly Negative (-) of multi-meter with negative on charging jack.
  4. You will get low voltage on these probably 3v.
  5. You will notice a single jumper or diode could be broken or damage.
  6. We don't know which diode is attached to there before.
  7. To get complete 5v we make the connection direct.
  8.  Using solder iron we will merge the both point.
  9. check using multi-meter so we get required 5v on multi-meter.
  10. After that connection we get charge filling result.

Why Problem Happen?

The phone could be fall  from height or you get punch on it. By falling the jumpers got loose and in a result we get connection cut via diode.

Be careful with the phones the diode got damaged by falling. May be your phone got heated near charging jack because the charging not filling itself.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Mobile Repairing Dictionary -Mobile Repairing Short Codes- Repair Mobile

Mobile repairing has short codes and has a number of short names which consider to be learn by every mobile repairing shopkeeper. Due to lack of information around us they kept their own names. All GSM Solutions collect "26 Mobile short codes in our Mobile repairing dictionary which every one must learn. We have Mobile repairing short codes or Mobile repairing short names.

Some of the important terms  and their meaning in terms of  Mobile Repairing are listed below. Every one should know and refer to their other colleagues to expertise themselves in mobile market and repairing of mobiles.
  1. 2G: 2Nd Generation in Mobile Telephony.
  2. 3G: 3Rd Generation in Mobile Telephony.
  3. 4G: 4Th Generation in Mobile Telephony.
  4. AC: Alternate Current.
  5. CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access.
  6. CPU: Central Processing Unit.
  7. BGA: Ball Grid Array.
  8. BSI: Battery Status Indicator.
  9. DCT: Digital Core Technology.
  10. IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity.
  11. IC: Integrated Circuit.
  12. LED: Light Emitting Diode.
  13. PDA: Personal Digital Assistant.
  14. PFO: Power Frequency Oscillator.
  15. UEM: Universal Energy Manager.
  16. PCB: Printed Circuit Board.
  17. RAM: Random Access Memory.
  18. RX: Receive / Receiver (Receiving Section).
  19. SMD: Surface Mount Device.
  20. RF: Radio Frequency.
  21. TX: Transmit (Transmitting Section).
  22. VCO: Voltage-Controlled Oscillator. 

A number of mobile shop keeper in India as well as Mobile shop keeper in Pakistan do not know the short names and short codes which is much necessary for their mobile phone repairing concept clearance. They read out from internet but due to lack of information about circuit codes, how current flowing etc.

Mobile Repairing Dictionary - Mobile Repairing Short Codes - Repair Mobile

Mobile phones companies wrote short codes like TX, VCO etc. Actually they are conveying the idea that Transmitting section or Voltage Controlled Oscillator etc. Once the Mobile Repairing person start to know these short names of mobile repairing they will get the point how to completely turn themselves in expert of Mobile Repairing.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Check Mobile Ringer Loud speaker Working or Not

Ringer in mobile phones you can say a lout speakers which obviously use to listen music, Ringtones and helps you in different manner. Helps you enjoy loud speakers calls and family chit chat. Family out of country and you are siblings are alone at home then you must activate loud speakers but what it is defective and roughly voice or any defective loud speaker can make your call so badly disrupt and will interrupt you. Let's do it correct or not working then check, Know how to detect the fault.

If you stop listening to 3 sounds likely.
  1. Ringtone
  2. Music
  3. Calls on loudspeaker
To avoid missing calls, you can switch on the vibration as a temporary solution! The method to check it will be the same for any brand or model of a mobile phone or a tablet be it an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, a Sony Xperia or a Nokia. - See more at:

To avoid your loved one calls or you missing your music use hands-free or to stop missing calls turn your vibration on for temporary use. The method we are telling you is working for all your cell phones any type any brand or either any of your galaxy or iPhone or Lumia or either Xperia Sony.

Steps to check

Mobile Ringer Loud Speaker Fault

Steps to check ringer of a cell phone

  1. Turn your cell phone off and Dissemble it or in other words open it. If you don't know how to dissemble your cell phone search for any solution by using your cellphone. Watch any video to learn it.
  2. Once you dissemble it carefully open their covers so any other parts can't be break. Where you can find your speaker it's underneath the circuit or in cover check it out. Carefully check because it has two sensitive pins don't make it break or don't pull.
  3. Check your multi-meter by touching it together and confirm it's working properly or not. Setting up your multi-meter on  On continuity setting her the voice of beep it's fine
  4. Probe of your multi-meter touch to the speaker with the terminals of your speakers pins. if you hear the beep from your multi-meter it's working. If no beep then it's done you have to change your ringer immediately.

The other option to check or test a loud speaker of a mobile phone or a tablet is to put it in any other same working model (or a handset with the same size speaker) and check if its working properly in it. If its not working, its faulty. It’s as simple as that! In some models, the ringer comes as an entire unit. In such cases, you will have to replace the entire unit. - See more at:
There is second method to check the loud speaker of your phone. Put your speaker in the same mode or if you don't have multi-meter the touch a cell with both the end of your speaker if your speaker do some chirpier it's not faulty.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Volcano Mobile Flash Tools - Software - Files

Flash Software Volcano Tools Full:

Flash Software : Volcano Tools

Version : 2.50

Click here to Get Volcano Tools Full

Galaxy S4 Samsung Flashing Tools - Softwares - Flash Files

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best phone in the market after Samsung S3. It comes in different two size mini and other one is S4 which has 2 different sizes but the configurations are same. As usual 13 megapixel camera. but with different memory sizes of samsung galaxy s4 which is 16GB and another is 32GB. Which is quite larger for any storage purpose. Now the handy problem after using Galaxy S4 is they got hang. Instead of providing better then before flexibility the set has downgrade with a problem called hanging which people think it's the biggest issue in Samsung S4.
Galaxy S4 Samsung Flashing Tools - Softwares - Flash Files
Galaxy S4 Samsung Flashing Tools - Softwares - Flash Files
Now due to so much pressure on hanging problem people customize their perspective and customize the OS of Android phone Samsung Galaxy S4 to make it work faster and without hang problem. But some time low charge and while update the system crashes. So the biggest disadantage in android phone is the charging problem. But Thanks to the technology that we got some tools and some flashing files so we can change the operating system of them and then we get another operating system which looks most finest problem solving techniques.

If your android system got virus and you don't have any flash tools and files to change the Android OS in mobile then it's the great news here to get the desired S4 flashing tools and techniques plus less in size so you can have flash it well and managed it correctly with one ease click.

Galaxy S4 Samsung Flashing Tools - Softwares - Flash Files

ODIN 3.10.7 Flashing To

Software Version : 3.10.7

Size : 1.1 MB

Type : Zipped

Click here to Get ODIN 3.10.7

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Pine64 Computer Single Board Runs Android & Linux

Apple 12th Employee Daniel Kottke start working in Apple. He was working on a table and make most of the Macintosh Prototypes. At that time there were no access technology we have now.

Pine64 Computer Single Board Full Post with Videos

Pine 64 is beyond the line. It's Single board computer which runs Android and Linux together. Powered by A53, 64 bit and 1.2 Ghz CPU. Which runs Linux easily having 64 Bit Android 5.1.1 and Other softwares such as openHAB and more.

HDMI output 2 usb port a network port includes. It has everything to built your next project easily. They are working on more of them TV. A camera a battery and other thing which you need most of them in future. You will get keyboard, mouse, microphone, CPU, Gaming, Videos and even a full aided computer with it. Say tuned for more of them.

This computer i think have everything you need in future it will get you the most of the great things you will need in future. This is the picture of it you can get it. and a video.

 Pine64 Computer Single Board Runs Android & Linux
 Pine64 Computer Single Board Runs Android & Linux

Pine64 Computer Single Board Full Post with Videos

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tips - How-to Services to Mobile Phones

Mobile phones give you the best communication solution with your loved ones. If you have cell phone then you need to communicate. When you communicate with your loved one then your mobile may used daily or hourly or after every minute in your business. Then it needs to be services well and maintained well. Due to circumstances occur in mobile life includes.
  1. Battery problem.
  2. LCD Problems.
  3. Charging Problems.
  4. Repairing solutions.
  5. Branding.
  6. Updating of Applications.
  7. Purchasing smart phones.
  8. Calling packages.
  9. Speaker and MIC problem.
  10. last but not least Recharge Problem.
Mobile Phone Servicing Tips

Mobile servicing is one of the best and common work done by mobile handset or mobile phones shop keeper. Life may become very curious if you have no phones. Some people have smart phone some have local phones. May be some people have no phones. Due to daily life problem Mobile repairing is very common in some countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and other Poor Countries which are not well developed. Future technology is going step forward day by day. Mobile companies are going far better. Nokia, Samsung, Micromax, Symphony, Iphone, Qmobile and other companies launched rapidly.

My Mobile service formula will give you Simple solutions. All kinds of mobile have same problem like.
  1. Cell phone got hanged.
  2. Error messages in Application cause this..
  3. Application may damaged or services running may damaged.
  4. Hardware problem or software problem.
  5. Firmware problem or some file missing problem.

  • Try reboot your phone.
  •  Remove battery re-insert it again and give it a try.
  • Remove memory card and check it problem persist.
  • If sim problem occur try removing your sim.
  • Re-insert your sim again or change the sim.
  • Remove last application you install.

If your mobile Fall in Water. then do the following steps.

  1. First of all don't try to turn it on.
  2. Remove the battery and then let it dry.
  3. Don't use hair dryer cause it give hot air.
  4. Use Vaccumm Cleaner or cold air only.
  5. If you can open mobile then use WD-40 to clean it. or any cleaner.
  6. Place it underneath the bulb which give heats.
  7. Try the lamps too.
  8. Another home tip is to place mobile in Rice it will soak the whole water 3 to 4 days required.
  9. If you are sure then insert the battery and try to start.
  10. If not start then go to mobile shop and let him give a try.
  11. Don't take risks. Be sure only then start it.

These all are the basic steps of the servicing of your mobile phone. In-Case any other problem occurs then don't hesitate to take your mobile phone to the shop like. LCD problem. Charging problem. and many other problem may occur.