Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nokia 1202 SIM Not Working - Nokia 1202 Sim IC Jumper

Nokia 1202  is another handset which is build by Nokia. It is best because every type of age uses it for their purpose. Old people to do call and to listen calls. Young generation did their best by using it and sending SMS specialy in Pakistan and Indian, Srilanka People use it for their own purpose. Most of this handset usage in Pakistan and India.
Back to the topic why this mobile sim is not working some thing because it's SIM IC problem. If your sim is not working then it's no problem here is the circuit solutions on how you can turn your sim on by simply doing some IC Jumper work. Here is the demo on how to repair nokia 1202 Sim not working fault. or Nokia 1202 sim IC Jumper.

Nokia 1202 SIM IC Jumper Connection Image Demo

Here is how  you can tackle the problem of Nokia 1202 IC Jumper Solutions.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Infinity Nokia Best update v:2.13 released All Nokia Lumia and Nokia Firmwares Included

Infinity Nokia update release with ease of functionalities having boot repair engine which is much better then earlier release. Having support of the latest flash which gives you best flashing tool available. Fat image flashing which were disabled in the earlier release it works on 220 series browser problem i think persist. Service operation revised which do not consume the time before this release it consume time so revision must be taken.

Phonebook extraction revised with new software version. Which will provide better solution then before. User codes are revised again.
Lumia mobile firmware's and all other firmware's are included. The Main thing is database revised so the latest and fastest working firmware becomes more faster then before. MTKx Devices firmware included which support your mobile like a faster connections with you. Enjoy all Nokia firmware and all Nokia Lumia Firmware's, All Nokia MTKx Devices Firmware Includes
USB Flashing improved
WP8x: Boot Repair Engine updated
MTKx: Support latest Flash Update package
MTKx: Flash Engine revised
MTKx: FAT image flashing enabled (Nokia 220 series browser problem)
MTKx: RPL backup removed during flashing, use separate "Read RPL" function!

Service operations improved
WP8x: Service operations revised
MTKx: FormatFS /ResetSettings revised, now procedure also repair NK220 browser problem
MTKx: RPL operations COMPLETELY revised
No need 2-step writing procedure any more. Faster and simplier.
MTKx: New SelfTest supported - Earpiece, RTC, BTModule, Audio, Charge
MTKx: LifeTimer Edit and Reset enabled
Allow set any need value for LifeTimer or Reset it to zero
Most of DualSim phones not have *#war0anty# menu, edit for them useless

SPUnlock operations improved
MTKx: "NCK Code Send" feature released, support 15 and 20 digits codes

User Data Operations improved
MTKx: PhoneBook extraction revised for new SW versions
MTKx: UserCode reading revised for new SW versions

NaviManager updated
Database revised
All latest Lumia and MTKx firmwares included!
From now need download NaviManagerDB from support as separate installer for activate latest models and FW versions!

SX4 server updated and back to work (Lumia, XG223, BB5 NewHash )
Stuff files updated
Some bugfixes and improvements at all

NaviBase is not included in main installer !
Download and install separate NaviBase package - InfinityBox_update_BEST_NaviBase_v1.01

Infinity Nokia BEST update v:2.13 HERE and HERE

Friday, July 31, 2015

MIC Jumper of Nokia Asha 200 Problem Solution

Our intelligent workers work day and night to get solutions from mobile circuits and now we got a problem which is MIC Jumper for Nokia Asha 200. Mic damage or jumpers damage so mic not connect properly and make a problem.

The mic jumpers are connected to this point where they showing around big golden circles. Now the point is why we doing this? Because our point damages with time or leave it's place or get in shortage, you have to do sold wire. I don't know much just write but i think my colleague say this to me and then we have to connect mic directly to the point so we can handle it correctly.

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Micromax X560 and QMobile E990 Handsfree Mode Solution

2nd solution damaged track make jumper red marked resistor with ground

Qmobile E990 Mobile stand by with Handsfree then there is no problem. Here is the proposed solution which will makes your cellphone out of handfree mode. Now the proposed solutions is also for Micromax mobile x560.

We Provide 2 solutions for these when first one is not work then you must  do 2nd solution damaged track make jumper red marked resistor with ground.

This solutions is proposed by Ahsaan which is from technical department of mobile repairing. By making jumper which is damaged you can make it out from handsfree mode. 

Qmobile has so many problems like this but we proposed better solutions for every mobile stay tuned.

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QMobile Q55 Handsfree Mode Repairing Solution

QMobile Q55 Hands Free solutions

If your mobile is stand by on Handsfree mode then you must apply this jumper in order to solve this problem. The jumper showing i tried this using this solutions as solutions is proper. Once you find anything wrong do comment and tell us.
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How to Remove Handsfree Mode for Qmobile E750

How to remove Hand sfree mode for Qmobile E750. Some time we get problems when mobile goes on hands free and never remove so the circuit problem occurs and here we are providing solutions for this problem.

These two points are short before the removal of these filters and two diodes. After removing these filters check that there is no contact of these point each other again. And then hands free mode will gone away. If not then check it again if it contacting.
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

All china mobile Ringer ic jumper solutions ways

 All china mobile Ringer ic jumper solutions ways
All china mobile Ringer ic jumper solutions ways
Points if not clear in image so consider it
                                     Ringer Terminal +Ve |```````````````````````| Ringer Terminal -Ve
VBAT |                             |       
china mobile ringer ic jumper solution
chinese mobile ringer ic jumper
 chinese mobile ringer ic jumper ways